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Centers for the Study of Islam in North America

Bard College is an undergraduate liberal arts college located in the Hudson River valley, ninety miles north of New York City. The Religion Program offers a B.A., engaging the critical study of religion through courses in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, as well as in the theoretical and comparative study of religion. Students in the program are strongly encouraged to acquire expertise in one or more languages taught at the College, such as Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, or Sanskrit. For more information, contact Prof. Jonathan Brockopp.

Duke University is a major research university in Durham, North Carolina. The Department of Religion offers a major with concentrations in Islamic, Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist studies. The study of Islam is particularly featured in the Graduate Program in Religion, with cognate language courses provided through Asian and African Languages and Literature. The professors associated with the study of Islam at the graduate level include Bruce Lawrence, Kalman Bland and Ebrahim Moosa (Religion), Miriam Cooke and Rkia Cornell (AALL), Katherine Ewing (Cultural Anthropology), and John Richards (History). The graduate study of Islam also has links and exchange opportunities with the graduate departments of religion at both Emory and UNC-CH.

Emory University is a major research university in Atlanta, Georgia. The Department of Religion offers a major with concentrations in Islamic, Christian, Jewish and South Asian religious studies as well as in themes, such as gender, conflict, and diaspora. The study of Islam is also featured in the Graduate Division of Religion, West and South Asian Studies Program. The Committee on the Study of Islam comprises ten faculty across the University who have teaching and research expertise in Islamic studies. The graduate study of Islam has links and exchange opportunities with the graduate departments of religion at Duke and UNC.

The University of California, Santa Barbara offers MA and Ph.D. degrees focusing on various aspects of the Middle East (ancient, medieval and modern), and specifically in Islamic Studies, through the departments of Art History, History, Ethnomusicology, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, Political Science and several smaller programs. UCSB has a particularly interesting blend of graduate degrees in fields commonly represented at research universities such as Political Science and History, but in addition has a series of offerings in the musical cultures of the Middle East, Arabic oral and folk literatures and traditions, and Islamic Art History. UCSB has an endowed chair in Islamic Studies and, in addition, is the current home of the *International Journal of Middle East Studies*, edited by Prof. Stephen Humphreys. These graduate degrees are all linked through an umbrella organization, the Program in Islamic and Near Eastern Studies, which also oversees the undergraduate B.A. degree in Islamic and Near Eastern Studies. For further information, contact Prof. Dwight F. Reynolds.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation's oldest public university (est. 1793), offers through its Department of Religious Studies a comprehensive undergraduate major and minor for the B.A. degree, as well as a graduate program for the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Its fourteen faculty members cover a wide range of subjects across a variety of religious traditions. Islamic studies can be pursued on the graduate level through the History of Religions track, in close cooperation with the Department of Religion at Duke University (which has a fully cooperative relationship with UNC for cross-registration). A similar relation is being established with Emory University, through the Carolina-Duke-Emory Consortium for the Study of Islam. Relevant research groups for Islamic studies at UNC include the Carolina Seminar for Comparative Islamic Studies, the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean Studies Program, and the Triangle South Asia Consortium.

The University of Washington is a public research university situated onthe shores of Lake Washington near downtown Seattle. Undergraduate and graduate programs in Islamic Studies draw on about two-dozen faculty members from various departments. Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Tajik, Uzbek, Urdu, Bengali, and Indonesian are among the languages offered. IslamicStudies are also supported by large interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs in Comparative Religion, Jewish Studies, Buddhist Studies, and International Studies. Many related activities and exchange programs are coordinated through the Middle East Studies Center, and through the new Center for Islamic Studies and Liberal Arts. For more information, contact Prof. Brannon Wheeler.

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