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Fons Vitae is a non-profit company which publishes authentic texts from the five major spiritual traditions. Fons Vitae books and videos are used throughout
the world in college and university classes.

Fons Vitae
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Merton and Sufism

The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha

Al-Ghazali’s Path to Sufism


Fons Vitae features an extensive collection on books on Sufism and Islamic studies.

Interfaith Videos:
Huston Smith on The Sacred Unconscious
Beads of Faith: The Universal Use of the Rosary

II. Suggested readings and texts for Comparative Religions/World Religions Classes
Sacred Art East and West
A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom: Doctrine and Realization of the Spirit
The Invocation of the Name of Jesus as Practiced in the Western Church
Rumi: The Hidden Treasure

Thomas Merton series
Merton and Sufism: The Untold Story
Merton and Hesychasm: The Prayer of the Heart, forthcoming August 2002
Merton and Judaism congress, February 2, 2002. Proceeds from the conference will be published in Spring 2004. Paper submissions are welcome.


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