Members of the Study of Islam Section,

American Academy of Religion


One of the aims of the Study of Islam section is to foster communication and support among the members of the section. The world of academia can often be an isolating place, especially for Islamicists who serve as their respective school's one and only expert on Islam.


To help us in recognizing who we are and what we do, we are providing a voluntary listing of the members of the Study of Islam section members, their web pages and/or email addresses, and a brief description of their interests.


Steering Committee Members:


* Pieternella (Nelly) HarderVandoorn
*Omid Safi

Steering Committee:

**Hussain, Amir. Dr. Hussain teaches at California State University Northridge, and his research focuses on the North American Muslim communities.

*Gordon Newby

*Kecia Ali

*Ahmet Karamustafa

*Simmons, Gwendolyn Zoharah . Dr. Simmons teaches at University of Florida, and her research focuses on African-American Islam.



Members of the Study of Islam Section:

*Ernst, Carl W. Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Specialist on Islamic Studies, with focus on Iran and South Asia. Research mainly devoted to Sufism.

*Hermansen, Marcia. Dr. Hermansen teaches at Loyola University, and her research focuses on Islamic mysticism, and Islam in America.

*Lawrence, Bruce. Chair of the Graduate Program in Religion at Duke University. Research interest: Comparative Fundamentalism, Muslim Networks.

*More members to be added soon.














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