Program for the 2003meeting
 AAR Study of Islam section


Saturday,  1-3:30 pm.

A267       Al-Ghazali on Theology and Philosophy and His Critics
Muhammad Hozien, William Paterson University, Presiding
Ebrahim Moosa, Duke University
Dialectics of Conscience: Subjectivity and Ethics in Ghazali
Eric Ormsby, McGill University
Al-Ghazali on Love of God
Frank Griffel, Yale University
MS. London, British Library OR. 3126: An Unknown Work by al-Ghazali on
Metaphysics and Theology
Timothy J. Gianotti, University of Oregon
Al-Ghazali on the Real Religious Science: An Introduction to the Jurisprudence
of the Heart (fiqh al-qalb)
James Pavlin, Rutgers University
A Medieval Struggle over Quranic Interpretation: Ibn Taymiyyah's Critique of al-Ghazali's Metaphysics in the Mishkat al-Anwar
Mashhad al-Alaaf, Saint Louis University


Saturday, 4:00 pm-6:30 pm MM - Summit

A59         Reinventing Tradition? Modalities of Modern Islam
Alan Godlas, University of Georgia, Presiding
Christi Caldwell, Cambridge, MA
The Politicization of Gender in Bangladesh
David L. Johnston, Yale University
Fuzzy Reformist-Islamist Borders: Malik Bennabi and Rashid al-Ghannushi on
Civilization and Civil Society
Karen G. Ruffle, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Take Me to Karbala: Hazrat Zaynab Bint `Ali and the Shi`i Community of
Amy C. Bard, Columbia University
"How Could Your Wits Attain the Heights of Our Wisdom!"  Voice, Diction, and
Authority in South Asian Shi`i Women's Sermons
Kristin Sands, Sarah Lawrence College
Muslims Taking It to the Internet: Suffering, Interpretation and Activism
Sunday, 9:00 am-11:30 am
A93         Progressive Islam
                                HY - Centennial II
Zayn Kassam, Pomona College, Presiding
Farid Esack, Xavier University, Cincinnati
Amir Hussain, California State University, Northridge
Omid Safi, Colgate University
Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, University of Florida
Kecia Ali, Harvard University
Tazim Kassam, Syracuse University
Business Meeting:
Jonathan E. Brockopp, Pennsylvania State University, Presiding
Zayn Kassam, Pomona College, Presiding
Sunday, 1:00 pm-3:30 pm   HY - Baker
A114       The Legacy of Franz Rosenthal for Islamic Studies
Jonathan E. Brockopp, Pennsylvania State University, Presiding
Bruce B. Lawrence, Duke University
Franz Rosenthal and Ibn Khaldun Revisited
Gordon D. Newby, Emory University
Franz Rosenthal and Comparative Semitics
Frederick M. Denny, University of Colorado, Boulder
Franz Rosenthal on Faith and Knowledge
Vincent J. Cornell, University of Arkansas
Franz Rosenthal and the Historiography of Islam
Wadad Kadi, University of Chicago
Sunday, 4:00 pm-6:30 pm                   HY - Fairlie
A147       Inscribing Authority in Medieval and Modern Islamic Societies
Gordon D. Newby, Emory University, Presiding
Stuart D. Sears, American University, Cairo
Dirty Dirhams and Righteous Rebels: A Controversy Surrounding the Inscription of Qur'anic Text on Early Muslim Coins
Alfons Teipen, Furman University

Unseemly Women in Sacred Biographical Literatures: a Comparison between early Christian Texts and early Muslim Narratives

Maria Massi Dakake, George Mason University
"Rarer Than Red Sulfur": Women and the Early Shi`ite Movement
Erik S. Ohlander, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
A Sethian Genealogy: Connecting Futuwwa, Akhis, and Ribat-Based Sufism in the
Early Thirteenth Century
Amina Steinfels, Gettysburg College
In the Presence of the Master: The Malfuzat of Sayyid Jalal al-din Bukhari
David Dakake, Temple University
Swords Thrown into the Sky: The Decontextualization of Quranic Verses on Jihad in the Fatwa of the World Islamic Front
Laury Silvers-Alario, Skidmore College
Please join us for iftar during this session.
Sunday evening (location TBA): annual section dinner
               Meet after A147
Monday, 9:00 am-11:30 am               HY - Hanover E
A176       Sufis in Western Societies: Global Networking and Locality
Amir Hussain, California State University, Northridge, Presiding
Markus Dressler, New York University
Sufis in the City: The Predicament of Pluralism
Ron Geaves, Chester College
Transglobal Mysticism or a Case of Cultural Binary Fission: The Transmigration of Sufism to Britain
Marcia Hermansen, Loyola University, Chicago
"Global Sufism": Theirs and Ours
Gritt Klinkhammer, Deutsche Vereinigung für Religionsgeschichte
Re-traditionalizing Spirituality: The Burhaniya Sufi Order in Germany
Juliane Hammer, Georgetown University
Globalizing Sufism in a Virtual World: Sufi Orders on the Internet
Gisela Webb, Seton Hall University
Monday, 1:00 pm-3:30 pm                 HY - Courtland
A213       Expressions of Islam in Southeast Asia
R. Michael Feener, University of California, Riverside, Presiding
Vivienne S. M. Angeles, La Salle University
From Ethnic to Islamic: Visual Expressions of Muslim Identity in Predominantly
Catholic Philippines
Patrice Claude Brodeur, Connecticut College
Transnational Higher Education Migration Patterns between Indonesia and Canada:
The Case of IAINs and McGill University
Rob Rozehnal, Duke University
Transplanting the Tariqa: Chishti Sabiri Sufism in Malaysia
Florian Pohl, Temple University
Religion and Conflict: Religious Education at the Pesantren of Yogyakarta,
Nelly Van Doorn-Harder, Valparaiso University
Indonesian Muslim Women Working toward Applications of a Discourse on Universal
Human Rights
Frederick M. Denny, University of Colorado, Boulder
Monday, 4:00 pm-6:30 pm                 MM - Bonn
A240       Teaching Gender and Islam
               Co-sponsored with the Women and Religion Section
Tazim Kassam, Syracuse University, Presiding
Vivienne S. M. Angeles, La Salle University
Shahzad Bashir, Carleton College
Zayn Kassam, Pomona College
Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, University of Florida
Sufia Uddin, University of Vermont
Gisela Webb, Seton Hall University
A257       Films: Ramadan: a fast of faith.  My journey My Islam
               Monday, 8:30 pm-10:00 pm               HY - International North
               Nelly Van Doorn-Harder, Valparaiso University, Presiding