Sources of information on the Taliban:

The Taliban are currently recognized only by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. As of September 22nd, 2001, UAE withdrew their recognition of the Taliban.


General Information, from

A very good selection of links from the Interactive Central Asia Resource Project (ICARP).

Kabultown Network

Sabawoon - Muslim Americans

Afghan Youth Organization (AYO)

currently (9/16/01) linked to a press release expressing "deep sympathy to everyone who has been affected by these crimes."

Atlapedia Online

CIA World Factbook - Afghanistan

Afghanistan Foundation White paper by the foundation

PBS Newshour Report on Afghanistan - Afghanistan

Yahoo! - Afghanistan

The National Security Archive - Search: Afghanistan

The National Security Archive - Special: The September 11th Sourcebooks

PBS Frontline - Hunting Bin Laden 

Afghanistan News.Net

Appears useful with links to articles from The Guardian and radio links.

ABYZ News Links

News Links Australasia

contains links to streamed audio news from around the world

Afghan News Network

Afghan News Channel

Yahoo! News - Afghanistan

Yahoo! News Search- Afghanistan

NY times article on Archive of Images from pre-Taliban Afghanistan.



arts, literature, music, history, culture, plight and the life of the Afghan people



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