Web-Based Program CIES 2001,

the 45th Annual Meeting


Tuesday, 9.00a-12.00n


       CIES Executive  Committee Meeting                                                                           Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Robert Arnove (Indiana University)

  Tuesday, 12:00n-7:00p


       CIES Board of Directors Meeting                                                                                Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Robert Arnove (Indiana University)

  Tuesday, 1.00p-5.00p


       World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES)                                    Hilton Terrace

  Tuesday, 1.30p-5.00p

    Tues.2.1                                                                                                                                    Jackson

       Pre-Conference Gender Workshop: Building a Career in Practice                               Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Margaret Sutton (Indiana University)

  Tuesday, 2.30p-8.00p

                                                                                                                                            Front Terrace

       Registration                                                                                                                Hilton Terrace

  Wednesday, 8.00a-6.00p

                                                                                                                                            Front Terrace

       Registration                                                                                                                Hilton Terrace

  Wednesday, 8.30a-12.00n


       CIES Board of Directors Meeting                                                                                Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Robert Arnove (Indiana University)

  Wednesday, 9.00a-5.00p

    Wed.1.1                                                                                                                                     Dupont

       Doctoral Candidate Workshop                                                                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chairs: Katherine Brown (Loyola University) and Mehmet Ozturk (University of Southern California)

             Discussants: Erwin H Epstein (Loyola University of Chicago), Margaret Sutton (Indiana University),

               William Rideout (University of Southern California), Kim Sebaly (Kent State University)

               Robert Lawson (Ohio State University)

             Participants: Li Feng (moderator), Brigitte Smit, (moderator), Jennifer Vega, Christine Carneal,

               Elizabeth Carnley, Paula Razquin, Christine Parker, Rachel Christina, Philip Taylor, Takao Kimibeppu,

               Jiang Yimin, Younes Mourchid, Auma Okwany, and Iveta Silova

  Wednesday, 8.30a-10.00a

    Wed.2.1                                                                                                                                 Kalorama

       Gramsci & Education: International Perspective                                                         Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Peter Mayo (University of Malta)

          Antonio Gramsci and Popular Education in Latin America

             Carlos Alberto Torres (UCLA), Raymond Morrow (University of Alberta)

          Gramsci and the Unitarian School: Paradoxes and Possibilities

             Dorian Borg (University of Malta), Peter Mayo (University of Malta)

          Gramscian Pedagogy and the Mass Culture Industry

          Gustavo Fischman (Arizona State University) Peter McLaren, Silvia Serra and Estanislao Antelo

          The Postmodern Prince: Gramsci and Anonymous Intellectual Practice

             Jerrold Kachur (University of Alberta)

          Gramsci and the Unitarian School: Paradoxes and Possibilities

             Peter Mayo (University of Malta), Dorian Borg (University of Malta)

          Antonio Gramsci and Popular Education in Latin America

             Raymond Morrow (University of Alberta), Carlos Alberto Torres (UCLA)

    Wed.2.2                                                                                                                                    Jackson

       Development Policy and Mother-Tongue Instruction: Economic and                          Hilton Terrace

       Language Strategies in China and Estonia

          Chair: Kara Brown (Indiana University)

          Educating the Periphery: Linguistic Nationalism in Chinese occupied Tibet

             Cheryl Hunter (Indiana University)

          Grassroots & Globalization: The Survival of Voro in Estonia

             Kara Brown (Indiana University)

          Development and Language of Instruction: China’s “Great Development of the West” and

          Mother-Tongue Education for Ethnic Minorities

             Patrick Buckwalter (Indiana University)

    Wed.2.3                                                                                                                                         Map

       Identities, Resistance, and Individualism: Minority Perspectives on                            Hilton Terrace

       Education in the United States

          Chair: Diane Hoffman (University of Virginia)

          The Ideal and the Invisible: A Third-Culture Minority Perspective on American Individualism in Education

             Guoping Zhao (University of Virginia)

          Educating for Identity & Resistance: Situated Learning among the Old Order Mennonites

             Spencer Cowles (University of Virginia)

          Literacy Discourse and Identity in Appalachia

             Suzanne Cockley (University of Virginia)

    Wed.2.4                                                                                                                                    Military

       Forging L.I.N.C.S. Among Educators Through International Service                     Hilton Concourse


          Chair: Maureen Porter (University of Pittsburgh)

          Finding a Place in the Global Village

             Aamir Anwar (University of Pittsburgh)

          Feeding the Mind, Body, and Soul: Learning in Situated, Authentic, Reflective, and Collaborative Environments

             Cara Ciminillo (University of Pittsburgh)

          Ayni in the Global Village: Building Relationships of Reciprocity

             Kathia Monard (University of Pittsburgh)

          The Four Sensibilities of Membership, Connection, Responsibility and Purpose: Students and Faculty

          Struggling to Find Their Place in the World

             Liora Rapoport (University of Pittsburgh)

          Participation and Reification: Essential Design Elements in a Community of Practice

             Monica Pagano (University of Pittsburgh)

    Wed.2.5                                                                                                                                       Grant

       The Spirit of Education: Transforming Policy Through Practice                                 Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Maria Poindexter (Pennsylvania State University)

          Race and Inequality in South African Higher Education

             Christopher Walker (University of Pittsburgh)

          Columbia’s SAT Program: an Integrated Curriculum for Rural Students

             Helga Stokes (Pennsylvania State University)

          South African Higher Education and HIV/AIDS

             Maria Poindexter (Pennsylvania State University)

    Wed.2.6                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       The International Spread of English: Implications for Global Equity                          Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Thomas Clayton (University of Kentucky)

          A Nation Immersed in the English Language: The Philippines

             Aida Joshi (University of San Francisco)

          The International Spread of English: A Comparative Perspective of Tanzania and Norway

             Birgit Brock-Utne (University of Oslo)

          English as the First Language in Economics in Africa

             Ryohei Matsuda (Knox College)

          Language Choice in a Nation Under Transition: The Struggle Between English and French in  Cambodia

             Thomas Clayton (University of Kentucky)

    Wed.2.7                                                                                                                           Independence

       Abroad and Beyond: 21 Century Initiatives in International Education                      Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Katherine Harris (George Washington University)

          Climate for Change: an Investigation of Study Abroad Opportunities between the U.S. and Cuba

             Anya Landau (George Washington University)

          Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory

             Deborah Gamponia (Institute for the International Education of Students)

          Public and Private Sector Trends in International Student Recruitment

             Julie Taiber (Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange)

          Government Sponsored Educational Exchanges:  A Look Back Into the Future of International Education

             Katherine Harris (George Washington University)

    Wed.2.8                                                                                                                                   Farragut

       The Interagency Consultation for Secondary Education Reform and Youth               Hilton Terrace


          Chair: Maureen McClure (University of Pittsburgh)

             Francoise Caillods (IIEP, UNESCO)

             Maureen McClure (University of Pittsburgh)

             Robert McClusky (USAID)

             Rupert MacLean (UNESCO)

    Wed.2.9                                                                                                                                     Caucus

       Educational Attainment and the Demand for Schooling in Sub-Saharan                     Hilton Terrace


          Chair: Kristi Fair (Macro International)

          Guinea Education Report and related findings, GDHS 1999

             Anne Genereux (Macro International), Kim Bolyard (USAID/Global Bureau for Human Capacity Dev.)

          The Development of the DHS EdData Household Survey

             Kristi Fair (Macro International), Tracy Brunette (USAID Africa Bureau)

    Wed.2.10                                                                                                                      AED Balcony D

       Decentralization and Community Participation                                                                          AED

          Chair: Christopher Bjork (Colgate University)

          Empowering Parents While Making Them Pay

             Alec Gershberg (New School University)

          The Impact of Parental Participation in Northeastern Brazil

             Ana Christina Accioly de Amorim (Harvard University)

          Decentralization and Community Participation in Education: An Indian Role Model

             M.V. Mukundun (The University of Hong Kong)

    Wed.2.11                                                                                                                      AED Balcony B

       Ethnographic and Qualitative Approaches to Comparative Education                                       AED


          Chair: Eileen Kane (Groundwork, Inc)

          Participatory Research in Education: Where’s the Theory?

             Eileen Kane (Groundwork, Inc)

          In Search of Fundamental School Factors that Enhance Student Achievement in Uganadan Primary Schools

             Fritz Affolter (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

          Postmodern  Ethnography and the Notion of Self

             Paul Clark (McGill University)

          Educational Implications of Emerging Subjectivities and Social Forms in Manus, Papua New Guinea

             Peter Demerath (The Ohio State University)

    Wed.2.12                                                                                                                      AED Balcony C

       Local Learning: Parental Roles in Education                                                                             AED

          Chair: Alison Price Rom (American Councils for International Education)

          From Classroom to Global Society:  How New Educational Practices Reflect a Changing Social

          Order in Russia

             Alison Price Rom (American Councils for International Education)

          Global Contradictions, Local Solutions: Children in Context

             Annie Potter (Concordia University)

          Reconceptualizing Preschool Education in a Global Context

             Larry Prochner (Concordia University)

          Parents' Motivation for Sending Children to School in Indonesia

             Tomoko Ishizawa (University of Pittsburgh)

    Wed.2.13                                                                                                                                Hamilton

       Gender Issues in African Educational Systems                                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Frank Dall (UNICEF)

          Becoming a Dynamic and Visible Partner in Promoting Equity Issues for Girls' Education in Guinea,

          West Africa

             Akanksha Marphatia (Women in Development Technical Assistance Program)

          Alternative Visions for Collaboration: Using Feminist Theory to Examine Canadian NGO/Donor

          Partnerships supporting Girls' Education in East Africa

             Stephanie Garrow (McGill University)

  Wednesday, 10.30a-12.00p

    Wed.4.1                                                                                                                                    Military

       Education and Democracy: Global Trends and Local Issues                                  Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Ron Israel (Education Development Center, Inc)

          Civics Education in Lower Secondary Schools in Honduras

             Carmen Siri (IEQ Chief of Party, Honduras)

          Participation in National Education Reform in Guatemala

             Fernando Rubio (IEQ Guatemala Project Director)

          Community Participation in Education in Ghana

             Jerry Boardman (Education Development Center, Inc)

          Recommendations from the Global Education and Democracy Policy Dialogue

             Ron Israel (Education Development Center, Inc)

          The Affects of Democracy on Teachers and Teacher Education in Malawi

             Yaos Kamingara (IEQ Malawi)

    Wed.4.2                                                                                                                                  Hamilton

       Continuing Influences of the Escuela Nueva Model in Community-Based                   Hilton Terrace

       School Reform: The Nicaraguan Experience

          Chair: Beverly Jones (Academy for Educational Development)

          BASE project

             David Edgerton (Academy for Educational Development)

          The BASE project

             Francisco Ramirez (Stanford University)

          Nicaraguan reform program

             Oscar Mogollon (Academy for Educational Development)

          Nicaraguan social sector

             Vanessa Castro (Academy for Educational Development)

          Untitled Presentation

             Sergio Ramirez (Academy for Educational Development)

          The BASE project: a perspective from Nicaragua

             Violeta Malespin Lopez (Academy for Educational Development)

    Wed.4.3                                                                                                                        AED Balcony B

       Science Literacy, Science Materials and Perceptions of Science: A Cross-                                  AED

       National Perspective

          Chair: Ailie Cleghorn (Concordia University)

          Dimensions of the Teacher-Learner-Text Relationship in Science Education: Canada, Zimbabwe and England

             Ailie Cleghorn (Concordia University)

          Teachers Repertoires of Science Teaching Strategies: A Cross National Look at the Use of Text Material

             Alan Peacock (University of Exeter)

          Scientific Literacy's Worldwide Cachet and its Impact on Textbooks

             Elizabeth McEneaney (University of Notre Dame)

          Ye Gedel Mamitou: The Old Woman in A Cave, Or, The Echo

             Sharmila Pillai (Concordia University)

    Wed.4.4                                                                                                                                    Jackson

       The Special Needs of  Refugee Education                                                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Amanda Carnes (Harvard BSE)

          Refugee Children

             Amanda Carnes (Harvard GSE)

          Continuity of Learning: Educational Policies in Emergency Situations

             Chiharu Kondo (University of Pittsburgh)

          Education in Places of Temporary Asylum: The Case of Afghan Refugees Living in Peshawar

             Mariam Kakkar (Concordia University)

    Wed.4.5                                                                                                                        AED Balcony C

       Literacy for Women: A Means for Empowerment                                                                      AED

          Chair: Deborah Yeager (OISE/University of Toronto)

          Cross-Cultural Literacy Experiences: Three ESL Women Students Tell Their Stories

             Deborah Yeager (OISE/University of Toronto)

          Women on the Move: Literacy and Leadership and Action

             Julia Masterson (CEDPA), Christine Skerry (CEDPA -Nepal)

          Low-Education-Background, Language-Minority Women: Reviewing  the Literature and Extending Theories

             Mary Holbrock (University of Illinois/Urbana Champaign)

          Rural Women's Perspectives on Adult Literacy Education and Development in Kenya

             Miki Fujisawa (University of Minnesota)

    Wed.4.6                                                                                                                           Independence

       The Power of Policy in Southeast Asia: Educational Equity Issues in                          Hilton Terrace

       Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

          Chair: June Shin (Harvard University)

          What Role does National Education Policy Play in Socio-economic Inequality in Indonesia?

             Irene Kim (Harvard University), June Shin (Harvard University) 

          Non-formal Education and its Role in Promoting Equity: The Philippines Case

             Marcelia Garcia (Harvard University)

          Intra-family Education Attainment in Malaysia

             Tammy Vu (Harvard University)

    Wed.4.7                                                                                                                                         Map

       Which Language? Findings from Improving Educational Quality (IEQ)                     Hilton Terrace

       School Language Policy and Use Studies in Ghana and Malawi

          Chair: Jane Schubert (American Institutes for Research)

          Discussant: Dora Johnson (Center for Applied Linguistics)

          Improving Educational Quality/Ghana-Policy Dialogue and Classroom Based Research on Ghana's

          School Language Policy

             Albert Awedoba (University of Ghana/Legon)

          Improving Educational Quality/Malawi-Contributing to the Language Policy Debate by Investigating

          Mother Tongue Instruction and Achievement

             Henry Chilora (Malawi Institute of Education)

    Wed.4.8                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       Sustainability, the Environment and Higher Education                                               Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Kingsley Banya (Florida International University)

          Discussant: Miguel Escotet (Florida International University)

          The Role of Brazilian scholars in Environmental Issues

             Francis Musa Boakari (Federal University of Piaui, Brazil)

          Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: The issue of Relevance

             Kingsley Banya (Florida International University)

          The Environment as an Issue in Development: Education for Sustainability

             Robert Farrell (Florida International University)

    Wed.4.9                                                                                                                                 Kalorama

       Higher Education: International Mobility                                                                   Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Mohamed Nur-Awaleh (Illinois State University)

          Partnerships Between Universities in “Developed” and “Developing” Countries

             Mehrunnisa Ali (Ryerson University)

          The Illinois State University-Thailand Doctoral Project: A Case Study of Higher Education Administration

             Mohamed Nur-Awaleh (Illinois State University) and Dianne Ashby (Illinois State University)

          Border Crossing: Policy Implications for International Study Based in Comparative Theories of  Student Mobility

             Nancy Kidder (Orange Coast College)

          Reintegrating International Alumni Into the Intellectual Life of the University

             Tim Hartigan (University at Buffalo)

    Wed.4.10                                                                                                                                   Caucus

       Cultural and Class Factors in the Educational Decisions of Teachers and                   Hilton Terrace


          Chair: June Gordon (University of California, Santa Cruz)

          The Educational Opportunity Structures of Arab Countries in Comparative Context: Resources,

          Curricula, and Encouragement in Iran and Kuwait

             Alexander W Wiseman (Penn State University)

          Comparing Costs and Performance: A Policy Oriented Analysis of Private and Public Secondary

          Education in Uganda

             Donald Holsinger (Brigham Young University), James Jacob (Brigham Young University), Christopher

             Mugimu (Brigham Young University)

          Addressing Power Differentials in an American Educational Context: A Teacher Tells Three Stories

             Janet Rodgers (University of Pittsburgh)

          Urban Teachers and the Teaching Career for Diverse Students in the U.S., Japan and England

             June Gordon (University of California, Santa Cruz)

          Organizational and Cultural Factors Influencing Parent Involvement in Schooling: A Cross-National Comparison

             Rosario Garcia-Calderon (Penn State University), Alexander W Wiseman (Penn State University)

    Wed.4.11                                                                                                                      AED Balcony D

       The Law and Marketing in Education                                                                                        AED

          Chair: Gustavo Fischman (Arizona State University)

          All That Is Fit to Print? Newspapers Reporting On Public Education and Corporate Initiatives in the USA

             Gustavo Fischman (Arizona State University)

          Globalization and Its Impact On Taiwan's Higher Education

             Hsiou-Hsia Tai (National Chiao-Tung University)

          Globalization and Legal Scholarship

             Theresa Shanahan (OISE/UT)

    Wed.4.12                                                                                                                                     Grant

       Critical Issues in Indigenous Education                                                                       Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Julie Horan (University of Virginia)

          Affirmative Alternative for Increasing Educational Achievement of Rural Aborigines in Australia

             Bettina Dembek (Harvard University)

          Educating for Survival in Myanmar (Burma) : The Case of the Karen Hilltribe

             Julie Horan (University of Virginia)

          Sub-Civilization Under The Local Civilization Umbrella: Education As A Mean of Interaction

             Sergey Pimtchev (Moscow Lyceum and College)

          Conceptualizing "Citizenship:" Past and Present

             Tomoko Shimomura (Hiroshima University)

    Wed.4.13                                                                                                                                 Farragut

       Educational Programs for Creativity and Global Understanding                                 Hilton Terrace

          Chair: James Gray (University of California, Berkeley)

          Toward a Game Theoretic Theory of Education

             Hector Correa (University of Pittsburgh)

          Learning Environments for Creative Thinking and Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

             Hilda Briks (University of Toronto and Heriot Watt University)

          Online Collaborative Learning Environments: Contexts for Developing Academic and Interpersonal

          Understandings Across Cultures

             James Gray (University of California, Berkeley)

          Educating the Global Manager: A Comparative View of Contemporary Business Programs

             John Logan (Ryerson Polytechnic University)

          Empowering College Students to Successfully Navigate in a World of Differences

             Susan Giles (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Wei Wei Cai (West Chester University)

  Wednesday, 12.00n-6.00p


       Book Exhibit and Displays                                                                                          Hilton Terrace

  Wednesday, 1.30p-3.00p

    Wed.6.1                                                                                                                                         Map

       Comparative-Historical Research in Education: The Role of Expert                            Hilton Terrace

       Knowledge, Social Interpretations and Meaning Patterns in Shaping

       Educational Reality

          Chair: Juergen Schriewer (Humbolt University Berlin)

          Discussant: Ruth Hayhoe (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

          The Problematic status of Quantitative Data in Historical Social Research

             Florian Waldow (Humbolt University)

          Constructing Women's Studies Expertise

             Francisco Ramirez (Stanford University), Christine Min Wotipka (Stanford University School of

          Disciplines, Biopolitics, and Compulsory Mass Schooling: The Bavarian Experience, 1860-1920

             Marcelo Caruso (Humbolt University)

          Fabricating Nation and World in Early 19th Century Educational Comparisons: A Comparative

          History of the Circulation of Marc Antione Jullient's Work in America and Poland

             Noah Sobe (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

    Wed.6.2                                                                                                                        AED Balcony C

       Education Reform in South Africa: Policy to Practice                                                                AED

          Chair: Shireen Motala (University of Witwatersrand)

          Discussant: Sue Grant-Lewis (Harvard University)

          Educational Governance in South Africa: the Challenge of Improved Policy Implementation and  School Support

             Francine de Clerq (University of Witwatersrand)

          Curriculum Reform in South African Basic Education: A Paradigm Shift?

             Michael Cross (Johannesburg School of  Education), Sepi Rouhani

          School reform in South Africa-Surviving or Subverting the System?

             Shireen Motala (University of Witwatersrand)

    Wed.6.3                                                                                                                                     Caucus

       Technology, Gender and Social Activism                                                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Karen Monkman (Florida State University)

          Discussant: Steven Klees (University of Maryland)

          Engendering Technology? Exploring the Gender Gap in Technology Education

             Karen Monkman (Florida State University), Jody Clarke (Harvard GSE), M. Elena Patino (Harvard GSE)

          Internet Activism: A New Genre of the Women's Movement

             Peiying Chen (University of Southern California), Magdalena Sanchez (University of Southern

             California), Christina Vogt (University of Southern California), Faith Womack (University of Southern California)

    Wed.6.4                                                                                                                                  Hamilton

       Community Intervention in Post-Conflict Settings: Experiences in                              Hilton Terrace

       Azerbaijan and Beyond

          Chair: Gretchen Rossman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

          Community Mobilization and Leadership Training in Azerbaijan

             Fritz Affolter (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

          Training for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Azerbaijan

             Gretchen Rossman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

          Approaches to Education in Post-Conflict Settings

             Vachel Miller (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

          Women Building Peace From the Community to the Negotiating Table

             Yvonne Shanahan (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

    Wed.6.5                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       Refugee Education                                                                                                      Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Gerald Letendre (Pennsylvania State University) and Darcy Gustafson (Pennsylvania State University)

          Refugees in Croatia and India: A comparison of education policies

             Gerald Letendre (Pennsylvania State University), Darcy Gustafson (Pennsylvania State University)

          Rapid Educational Intervention for Child War Victims: 

          The Challenges and Dilemmas of an NGO-Sponsored Initiative in Sierra Leone

             Richard Maclure (University of Ottawa)

          Refugees and Access to Education: Critical Issues in Perspective

             Tatiana Garakani (Teachers College-Columbia University)

    Wed.6.6                                                                                                                        AED Balcony B

       Evaluation of Students and Faculty in Higher Education                                                            AED

          Chair: Namgi Park (Kwangju National University of Education)

          The Importance of the Whole Picture: The Personal Essay within the Context of Selective

          College Admissions in the U.S.

             Elena Galinova (Penn State University)

          College Admissions Tests in the United States and Russia: Challenges and Concerns (Comparative Perspective)

             Galina Savukova (Columbia University)

          Faculty Evaluation in America and Abroad: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

             Kent Redmon (Parkland Community College)

          Comparison of University Faculty Members Performance Evaluation System of Seven Countries

             Namgi Park (Kwangju National University of Education), James Mauch (Kwangju National University of Education)

    Wed.6.7                                                                                                                                 Kalorama

       Global Dimensions of Child Poverty and Public Policy                                               Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Carol Camp Yeakey (University of Virginia)

          Small Hands: Global Dimensions of Child Labor and Exploitation

             Carol Camp Yeakey (University of Virginia)

          The Global Dimensions of Racial and Class Antagonisms among Poor Youth

             Eugene Anderson (University of Virginia), Judith Brooks-Buck (University of Virginia)

          America's Forgotten Children:  Educating Children of the Poor

             Harriet Morrison (University of Virginia), Beverly Epps (University of Virginia)

          Too Sick to Learn: Institutional Barriers to Child Health and Well-Being

             Jeanita Richardson (Hofstra University)

          The Undocumented:  Educating the Children of Migrant Workers in America

             Paul Green (University of California at Riverside)

    Wed.6.8                                                                                                                           Independence

       Does Decentralization Impact Educational Quality?                                                   Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Carolina Nieto (Harvard University)

          Decentralization and Democratization in Colombia: The Experience of Escuela Nueva

             Carolina Nieto (Harvard University)

          Quality of Rural Education in Chile

             Erika Ryser (Harvard University)

          The Impact of Decentralization and Minority Language Policy on the Quality of Education in Spain

             Melissa Dodd (Harvard University)

          Educational Decentralization: The Case of Bolivia

             Susan Frick (Harvard University)

    Wed.6.9                                                                                                                                       Grant

       The Effects of War, Corruption and Drugs on Education                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Carolina Belalcazar (University of Pittsburgh)

          Redefining drug related incidents in minors through local educational policy and practice in Bogotá, Columbia

             Carolina Belalcazar (University of Pittsburgh)

          Legacies of Conflict: Youth, Education, and Reconstruction in El Salvador

             Nupur Gogia (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)

          The Ethics of Corruption in Education: A Review of Experiences form Tanzania

             Suzgo Nyirenda (Loyola University, Chicago)

    Wed.6.10                                                                                                                                  Jackson

       International Perspectives on Decentralization                                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Manuel Contreras (Inter-American Development Bank)

          Decentralized education in Senegal: Is “Faire Faire” fair for education actors in community based education?

             Andrea Clemons (University of Southern California)

          Globalization and its local expressions in the field school supervision in the Northern Border of  Mexico

             Beatriz Calvo Ponton (Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez)

          Educational Decentralization in Bolivia: Trends and Problems

             Manuel Contreras (Inter-American Development Bank)

          Globalization, Community Participation, and Educational Change: Lessons from Decentralization

          of Educational Services in Argentina

             Maria Fernanda Astiz (Pennsylvania State University)

    Wed.6.11                                                                                                                                 Farragut

       Educational Opportunities for Immigrant Children                                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Lewis Lummer (Northern Illinois University)

          Parental involvement and immigrant families

             Evangeline Nderu (University of Minnesota)

          Initial Findings of a Comparative Analysis of Policies and Programs that Promote Newcomers'

          Integration in Canada and Italy

             Grazia Scoppio (University of Toronto)

          Comparative Views of Deaf and Hearing Teachers’ Perceptions towards Academic and Language

          Needs of Deaf Immigrant Students

             Lewis Lummer (Northern Illinois University)

          Educational Choice of Immigrants in Sweden: A Case of Gambian Parents

             Michiyo Okuma (Institute for International Education)

    Wed.6.12                                                                                                                                    Edison

       Issues Facing School Principals: An International Forum                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Suseela Malakolunthu (Institut Aminuddin Baki)

          Looking Through The Window Or Walking Through The Door? Instructional Management in Public

          Primary Schools in Paraguay

             Allison Borden (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

          A New Concept for Educational Leadership

             Changhyun Lee (Korea National University of Education)

          An Innovative Approach to Professional Development Programs for School Middle Managers:

             Bull and Buechler Model Applied

             Chung-Kee, Steve Wong (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

          Tension Between Policy and Practice:  A View Through the Practice of Two Malaysian Principals

          and the Contexts in Which They Work

             Suseela Malakolunthu (Institut Aminuddin Baki)

    Wed.6.13                                                                                                                      AED Balcony D

       Chinese Higher Education Curriculum Reform                                                                          AED

          Chair: Sheena Choi (University of Indiana)

          Discussant: Sheena Choi (University of Indiana)

          A Curriculum Analysis of Doctoral Programs in Higher Education Administration in Chinese Universities

             Xin Wang (Baylor University)

          Strategies for Developing Core Curriculum in Chinese Higher Educational Institutions: A Comparative Analysis

             Zhen Peng (Baylor University), Xin Wang (Baylor University)

    Wed.6.14                                                                                                                                  Military

       Problems and Innovations in Rural Education                                                       Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Martha Mantilla (University of Pittsburgh)

          From survival to sustainability? Aquaculturalists and the creation of knowledge

             Margaret Ronald (Florida State University)

          Teachers' Perception of their Participation in Educational Policy and Practice: the Case of the

          "Nueva Escuela Unitaria" (NEU)  in Guatemala

             Martha Mantilla (University of Pittsburgh)

          The Voices and Visions of the Teachers from the Mountains of Post-Soviet Tajikistan

             Sarfaroz Niyozovich Niyozov (University of Toronto, OISE)

  Wednesday, 3.30p-5.00p

    Wed.8.1                                                                                                                                 Kalorama

       Accreditation and Accountability Systems in Teacher Education                                Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Maria Teresa Tatto (Michigan State University)

          El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and Mexico

             Armando Loera-Varela (Instituto Interamericano para il Desarrollo Social)


             Beatrice Avalos (Programa de Fortalecimiento)

          NSW, Australia

             Robert Meyenn (Michigan State University), Christopher Wheeler (Michigan State University)

          Mexico: Carrera Magisterial

             Sylvia Schmelkes (Departamento de Investigaciones Educativas)

    Wed.8.2                                                                                                                        AED Balcony D

       Northern Concepts, Southern Applications                                                                                AED

          Chair: Phoebe Milliken (George Washington University)

          Re-examining the Approach of Girls’ Education

             Elizabeth Mull (George Washington University)

          Turning the Digital Divide into Digital Dividends: Devising a Policy for the Strategic and Humane

          Use of Computer Technology in Educating India's Marginalized, Urban Children

             Gina Costante (George Washington University)

          The Picture that Emerges: Teacher Professionalism in Nigeria and Cameroon

             Phoebe Milliken (George Washington University)

    Wed.8.3                                                                                                                                      Edison

       Governance, Participation and Democratization: Reflections from South                   Hilton Terrace


          Chair: Sue Grant-Lewis (Harvard University)

          Review of Existing Provincial Legislation Related to SASA

             Everard Weber (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

          Linking Financing Data With School Quality and Socio-Economic Background

             Jordan Naidoo (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

          Conceptualizing governance, participation and democracy literature

             Kimberley Porteus (University of Witwatersrand)

          From Policy to Practice: Lessons from the Gauteng Province Pilot Study

             Shireen Motala (University of Witwatersrand)

          Methodological Issues in Analyzing Inter- and Intra-Provincial Variations Government Financing

             Sue Grant-Lewis (Harvard University)

    Wed.8.4                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       Comparative Education in China: The Field and its Evolution                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Mark Bray (University of Hong Kong)

          Institutional Contributions and the Development of Comparative Education: The Evolution and

          Roles of the Comparative Education Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong

             Emily Mang (Comparative Education Research Centre)

          Seeking Balance Between Nationalism and Internationalism: The Development of Comparative

          Education in China

             Qin Gui (Marietta College)

          Gu Mingyuan and the Development of Comparative Education in China

             Ruth Hayhoe (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

    Wed.8.5                                                                                                                        AED Balcony B

       Linking Normal Schools and Classrooms:                                                                                  AED

       Guinea’s Pre-Service Teacher Education Program

          Chair: Alain Grandbois (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)

             Abdoulaye Diallo (Ministere de l'Enseignement Technique)

             Diane Baba (Minestere de l'Enseignement Technique)

             Faoura Thiam (Ministere de l'Enseignement Technique)

    Wed.8.6                                                                                                                        AED Balcony C

       Changing Patterns of International Mobility of Scholars: Reverse Flow and                              AED

       Second Generation Collaboration

          Chair: Jean Johnson (National Science Foundation)

          The Mobility of French Postdocs to the United States

             Dominique Martin Rovet (French Embassy, CNRS Representative)

          The Transformation of Higher Education in China: Implications for Student/Scholar Flows

             Gerald Postiglione (Ford Foundation)

          Mobility and Circulation of Students and Scholars

             Jean Johnson (National Science Foundation)

          Second Generation International Scholarly Collaboration, a qualitative, micro-scale study

          of a North-American-Chinese case

             Vilma Seeberg (Kent State University)

    Wed.8.7                                                                                                                                     Caucus

       Are We Postmodern Yet? Historical and Theoretical Explorations in                          Hilton Terrace

       Comparative Education

          Chair: Sangeeta Kamat (University of Massachusetts)

          No, We Are Not Postmodern Yet!

             Esther Gottlieb (West Virginia University)

          This Is Not a Matter of “To Be Or Not To Be,”  This Is a Matter of Desire. Do We Want to Be Postmodern?

             Gabriela Delgadillo (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

          Are We Postmodern Yet? An Exploration of the Contributions of Escobar on Development Practitioners

             Peter Tamas (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

          Are We Postmodern Yet? This Is a Linear Irrelevant Question.

             Rolland G. Paulston (University of Pittsburgh)

          Postmodernism and Research Methodology:  A Challenge to Empty Empiricism

             Steven Klees (University of Maryland)

    Wed.8.8                                                                                                                                    Military

       The NHK Special Video Presentation on Classroom Breakdown in Japan             Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Lary MacDonald (University of Maryland, College Park)

    Wed.8.9                                                                                                                                   Farragut

       What Informs the Design of Girls' Education Initiatives?                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Stephanie Gorin (Harvard University)

          Girls’ Education in Gambia: Is Participatory Research A Viable Approach?

             Alyssa Defrin (Harvard University)

          Promoting Girls’ Education in Rural Bolivia

             David Edwards (Harvard University)

          Including Women: A Feminist Approach to Participatory Research in the Design of Girls’ Education Initiatives

             Stephanie Gorin (Harvard University)

          Participatory Approaches to Women in Development: the Case of Morocco

             Yuko Nonoyama (Harvard University)

    Wed.8.10                                                                                                                                       Map

       The Politics of Education Policy in Africa                                                                   Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Joel Samoff (Stanford University) and Karen Mundy (Stanford University)

          Reforming African Universities

             David Plank (Michigan State University)

          The Politics of Education Policy in Africa

             Joel Samoff (Stanford University)

          The 1970s Policy of Educational Television Program in Côte d'Ivoire: Enduring Impact and Lessons Learned

             N'Dri Assie'-Lumumba  (Cornell University)

    Wed.8.11                                                                                                                                     Grant

       Higher Education Transformation in South Africa                                                      Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Michael Cross (Johannesburg School of  Education) and Trevor Sehoole (Education University of Witwatersrand)

          Transformation in Higher Education Institutions of South Africa: a Review of Progress and


             Eubert Mashabane (Harvard GSE)

          Institutional mergers and their implications for the transformation of higher education institutions

             Jairam Reddy (Independent Researcher)

          No easy road: Transforming higher education in South Africa

             Michael Cross (Johannesburg School of  Education), Trevor Sehoole (School of Education, University

             of Witwatersrand), Lavelle Nomdo (Gauteng Education Department)

          Universities in Africa in the Next Millennium: Policy, Practice, and Transformation

             Sheldon Weeks (University of Botswana)

    Wed.8.12                                                                                                                                  Jackson

       Organizational Contexts of Schooling and Development in the Caribbean                  Hilton Terrace

       and the Middle East

          Chair: Laura Castillo (American University)

          The Organizational Contexts of Schooling in Arab Countries: A Comparative Analysis of

          Educational Structure and Responsibility in Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia

             Alexander W Wiseman (Penn State University), Naif Alromi (Penn State University)

          Development and Education in the Caribbean: A Comparative Analysis of Development and Educational Paths

          in Barbados and the Dominican Republic

             Laura Castillo (American University), Mary Josiah (American University)

          Higher Education as a Political Residue: Illustrations From Recent Histories of Syria and Lebanon

             Munir Bashshur (American University of Beiruit)

    Wed.8.14                                                                                                                         Independence

       Asian Development Bank and the World Bank: Initiatives and Policies                      Hilton Terrace

          Chair: John Weidman (University of Pittsburgh)

          The Asian Development Bank (ADB): An Assessment of its Commitment to Social Change and

          Educational Reform in Asia

             Jeffrey Kealing (University of Southern California)

          Developing the Mongolia Education Sector Strategy 2000-2005: Reflections of a Consultant for

          the Asian Development Bank

             John Weidman (University of Pittsburgh)

          International Perspectives on Education Reform The World Bank's Education Ministers' Series

             Karen Edge (University of Toronto & World Bank)

          An Examination of Educational Development Policy Towards Indigenous Peoples

             Shelly Westebbe (UCLA), Jeffrey Kealing (University of Southern California)

    Wed.8.15                                                                                                                                Hamilton

       Linguistic Diversity and Language Policy: Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A.               Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Norma Tarrow (California State University)

             Discussant: Elizabeth Sherman Swing (Saint Joseph's University)

          Linguistic Diversity and Language Policy in Mexico

             Aurora Elizondo Huerta (Universidad Pedagogica Nacional)

          Linguistic Diversity and Language Policy in the U.S.A.

             Norma Tarrow (California State University)

          Linguistic Diversity and Language Policy in Canada

             Ratna Ghosh (McGill University)

  Wednesday, 6.30p-7.30p

                                  Plenary                                                                          Lincoln East and Monroe

       Opening Plenary Session Featuring the World Children's Choir, Sondra               Hilton Concourse

       Harnes, Director

          Chair: Heidi Ross (Colgate University)

  Wednesday, 7.30p-9.00p

                                                                                                               Jefferson East and Lincoln West

       CIES Welcome Reception                                                                                      Hilton Concourse

  Thursday, 8.00a-6.00p

                                                                                                                                            Front Terrace

       Registration                                                                                                                Hilton Terrace


       Book Exhibit and Displays                                                                                          Hilton Terrace

  Thursday, 8.00a-11.00a

                                                                                                                                            Front Terrace

       Field Trip to Woodrow Wilson High School                                                                Hilton Terrace

  Thursday, 8.30a-12.00n

    Thur.1.1                                                                                                                                 Hamilton

       Pamoja World Library Partnership Workshop                                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Laura Wendell (World Library Partnership)

  Thursday, 9.30a-11.00a


       IEA Civic Education Press Conference                                                                        Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Judith Torney-Purta (University of Maryland at College Park)

  Thursday, 8.30a-10.00a

    Thur.2.1                                                                                                                    Georgetown West

       Looking Into the Familiar Through a New Lens                                                     Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Jian Wang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

          Quality Education and Aesthetic Reading in Chinese Language Arts Instruction

             Ailing Kong (Saint Josephs University)

          Learning to Teach Different Subject Matters With Mentors in the Context of Mandated Curriculum

             Jian Wang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

          Performing On The Stage Set Up By Helpful Others: Improve Mathematics Instruction in the

          Community of Teaching Practice

             Yanping Fang (Michigan State University)

    Thur.2.2                                                                                                                                    Caucus

       Limitations and Possibilities of Dialogue Among Researchers,                                    Hilton Terrace

       Policymakers, and Practitioners (Part 1)

          Chair: Mark Ginsburg (University of Pittsburgh)

          Discussant: Simona Maria Popa (University of Pittsburgh)

          Dancing in the Dark: The Relationship between Policy Research and Policy Making in Dutch Higher Education

             Anne Klemperer (University of Twente), Frans Kaiser (University of Twente), Henno Theisens (University of Twente)

          Linking Research, Policy and Strategic Planning to Education Development in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

             Don Adams (University of Pittsburgh), Hwa Geok Kee (University of Pittsburgh), Lin Lin (University of Pittsburgh)

          Researching Women's Literacy in Mali: A Case Study of Dialogue among Researchers,

          Practitioners and Policymakers

             Laurel Puchner (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)

          Relationships Between Theorists/Researchers and Policymakers/Practitioners: Rethinking the

          Two-Cultures Thesis and the Possibility of Dialogue

             Mark Ginsburg (University of Pittsburgh), Jorge Gorostiaga (University of Pittsburgh)

    Thur.2.3                                                                                                                 AED Academy Hall

       In Rapidly Changing Times, Is Looking Back a Useful Basis for Looking                                  AED

       Ahead?: The Utilization of Evaluation Results in International Organizations

          Chair: David Chapman (University of Minnesota)

          Discussant: Sheldon Shaeffer (UNICEF, Education)

          Synthesizing Lessons From 200 Evaluations: What Do They Tell Us That We Don't Know From Other Sources?

             David Chapman (University of Minnesota)

          Designing and Steering an Evaluation to Maximize Organizational Learning: Balancing Methods,

          Sensitivities, and Substance

             Lucien Back (UNICEF-Policy and Planning)

          The Search for Knowledge in a Knowledge Organization: The Utilization of Evaluation Results at the World Bank

             Marlaine Lockheed (World Bank)

          Searching for Common Cause Across Disparate Contexts: A Multi-Country, Multi-Method Evaluation

          of Girls' Education Across Africa

             Mary Pigozzi (UNICEF, Education Section)

    Thur.2.4                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       Promoting Immigrant Children's Self Expression and School Adaptation                   Hilton Terrace

       through Photography

          Chair: Martha Garcia-Sellers (Tufts University)

          Discussant: Martha Garcia-Sellers (Tufts University)

          Building a Bridge between Culturally Disparate Environments: Children's Interpretations of their Photographs

             Mindy Shapiro (Tufts University)

          Promoting Community Awareness of Hispanic Children's Values through a Photography Exhibit

             Susanna Barry (Tufts University)

          Photographic Style and Content: What They May Reveal About Interpersonal Relationships and School Adaptation

             Shannon Bryant (Tufts University), Lucila Halperin (Tufts University)

    Thur.2.5                                                                                                                                     Edison

       Globalization and Transformation in American Higher Education                              Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Paul Green (University of California at Riverside)

          Standards, Meritocracy and the Influence of Globalization in American Education and Society

             Carol Camp Yeakey (University of Virginia)

          Changing the Rules of the Game: The Transformation of Access and Opportunity in American Higher Education

             Eugene Anderson (University of Virginia), Judith Brooks-Buck (University of Virginia)

          Bits and Bytes and Barriers  and Barometers: Computers as Social and Cultural Goods in Higher Education

             Jeanita Richardson (Hofstra University)

          Race and Law in American Higher Education

             Paul Green (University of California at Riverside)

    Thur.2.6                                                                                                                                    Dupont

       Transition Times in Mexico: Topics on Inequalities in Education                                Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Laura Lopez-Sanders (Harvard University)

          Early Childhood Development Programs and Community-based Initiatives: Overcoming the current

          Challenge of Mexican Families

             Ana Cecilia Cardenas (Harvard University)

          Educational Opportunities and Inequalities in Mexico

             Ernesto Trevino (Harvard University), Felipe Carrillo (Harvard University)

          Comparative Analysis of Compensatory Program Evaluation: Mexico's Case

             German Trevino (Harvard University)

          Expanding Educational Opportunities: Alternatives for School Management

             Laura Lopez-Sanders (Harvard University)

    Thur.2.7                                                                                                                                  Farragut

       Opportunities for Innovation in Internationalization:  The National                           Hilton Terrace

       Security Education Program

          Chair: Carol Anne Spreen (Columbia University)

          NSEP Fellowships: Arabic

             Daniel Berkowitz (National Security Education Program)

          NSEP Fellowships: Russian

             Daniela Ciuca (National Security Education Program)

          NSEP: Models for Change in International Education

             Edmond Collier (National Security Education Program)

          A Collaborative Educational Project to Improve Understanding of Central Asian Cultures and Languages

             Kenneth Peterson (American Council for Teachers of Russian)

    Thur.2.8                                                                                                                     Georgetown East

       The New CIES Web site: Uses and Benefits. A PowerPoint Presentation                Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Miguel Escotet (Florida International University)

    Thur.2.9                                                                                                                            AED Vista B

       Aspects of Education in Germany since Unification                                                                   AED

          Chair: David Phillips (Oxford University)

          Transformations in the German Vocational System Since 1990: Structural Responses to the "New Economy"

             Cynthia Miller (University of Michigan)

          Eastern German Secondary Schools: Teachers´ Perceptions Changes Since 1989/1990

             Stephanie Wilde (University of Oxford)

    Thur.2.10                                                                                                                                 Military

       Transforming the Forms of Primary Education in Latin America                           Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Joseph Farrell (University of Toronto/OISE)

          Chile's P900 Program: Comparisons of Successful and Less Successful Participating Schools

             Chiaki Miwa (University of Toronto)

          Civic Education and Citizenship in Escuela Nueva Schools in Colombia

             Jenny Pitt (University of Toronto)

          Transforming the “Forms” of Formal Primary Education in the “Developing World:” the Emergence of a

          Radically Altered Model of Schooling

             Joseph Farrell (University of Toronto/OISE), George Papagiannis (Florida State University)

          The Peace Process and Educational Reform in Guatemala

             Mike O'Sullivan (University of Toronto)

    Thur.2.11                                                                                                                         Independence

       Citizenship and Education from the Ancient Polis to the Modern                               Hilton Terrace

       Ethnopolis and the Post-Modern Cosmopolis

          Chair: Andreas Kazamias (University of Wisconsin and Athens, Greece)

          Citizenship Education in Africa: Some Complicating Factors

             Amy Stambach (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

          Paideia and Politeia in the Cosmopolis of Late Modernity: A Conversation on Education and

          Citizenship Ancient and Modern-Aristotle, T.H. Marshall and Martin Luther King

             Andreas Kazamias (University of Wisconsin and Athens, Greece)

          Democracy Education in the United States: Three Tensions in the Field

             Diana Hess (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

          Libertarianism and Communitarianism in a Modern Democracy: Implications for Citizenship

          Education in Today’s Legal Framework: the U.S. Case

             Loucas Petronicolos (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)

          From Ethnopolis to Cosmopolis: Alternative Forms of Citizenship Education with Bosnian Refugee

             Youth in the US

             William New (Beloit College)

    Thur.2.12                                                                                                                          AED Vista C

       Challenges of Meeting the Costs of Higher Education                                                                AED

          Chair: Masateru Baba (Shinshu University)

          Public educational expenditure in Hong Kong:  Growth and Distribution

             Fan Sing Hung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Yue Ping Chung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

          Development of National Grants to Private Sector Higher Education in Japan

             Masateru Baba (Shinshu University), Koji Shimada (KLT Management, USA), Takashi Waga (University of Tsukuba)

          Higher Education Financing Policies in Chile during the 1990s: Problems and Challenges

             Oscar Espinoza (University of Pittsburgh, School of Education)

          On the Butcher Block: The Human Cost of Restructuring an Asian University

             Pierre Walter (Asian Institute of Technology)

    Thur.2.13                                                                                                                                 Jackson

       Education for Peace, Human Rights and Global Consciousness                                  Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Stephen Appiah-Padi (Northwestern College)

          Study Abroad and the formation of global consciousness: The Effects of Study Abroad on Some

          International Students' Perceptions of Global Issues-Human Rights, Development, and Environmental Care

             Stephen Appiah-Padi (Northwestern College)

          Human Rights Education: A Holistic Multicultural Approach

             Vajra Mujiba Watson (Harvard University)

          The Role of Education in the Construction of Peace and Social Transformation of El Salvador:

          What is the Education El Salvador Needs?

             Victor Cordova (University of Pittsburgh), Barbara Wein

          Education for Asia Pacific Security: Policy Coherence, Conflict or Compromise in Multilateral Organizations?

             Wayne Nelles (University of British Columbia)

          “Culture of Peace:”  The Israeli Palestinian Case

             Yaacov Iram (Bar Ilan University)

    Thur.2.14                                                                                                                                     Grant

       Girls' Education and Empowerment                                                                            Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Mary Ann Maslak (St. John's University)

          Students' Perceptions of Parental Child Rearing and School Achievement in China: Gender

          Differences and School Differences

             Bing Liu (Stockholm University)

          The Balika Shivir: An Educational Program for Marginalized Girls. Does it truly meet girls needs?

             Manjari Singh (Indiana University)

          Adolescent Girls' Empowerment Programs

             Margaret Holland (Teachers College, Columbia University)

          Self Identity and Social Interaction: What Can Ethnicity Tell Us About Girls' Educational Participation in Nepal?

             Mary Ann Maslak (St. John's University)

          Girls’ Education in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan

             Maya Thiagarajan (Harvard GSE), Hala Al-Hoshan (Harvard GSE)

    Thur.2.15                                                                                                                          AED Vista A

       Northeast Asian Education, Cognitive, and Familial Patterns and Practices:                              AED

        Convergence or Divergence with Western Models?

          Chair Jing Lin (University of Maryland, College Park)

          A Comparative Study of Family Education in Chinese and American Culture

             Hui Zhang (University of Maryland)

          Classroom Breakdown in Japan's Elementary Schools

             Lary MacDonald (University of Maryland, College Park)

          Eastern Meditation and Its Implication for Cognitive Science

             Yanyu Zhou (University of Maryland at College Park

  Thursday, 10.30a-12.00n

    Thur.4.1                                                                                                                 AED Academy Hall

       Where are we going? Comparative and International Education in the 21st                               AED


          Chair: David Baker (Pennsylvania State University)

          International Comparisons of Student Achievement:  New Look At Their Value for Policy Makers

            Alexander W Wiseman (Penn State University), David Baker (Pennsylvania State University), Darcy

             Gustafson (Pennsylvania State University)

          Implementing Educational Transformative Policies Issues of Ideal Versus Real in Developing Countries

             Diane Napier (University of Georgia)

          Strategic Themes in Curriculum Policy Documents: An exploration of TIMSS Curriculum Analysis data

             Gilbert Valverde (University at Albany/SUNY)

          Distance Education in the Information Age: An International Policy Perspective

             Jeanita Richardson (Hofstra University)

          The Influence of International Organizations on Human Capital Thought: A Contribution or Distortion

             Steven Heyneman  (Vanderbilt University)

    Thur.4.2                                                                                                                    Georgetown West

       Listening to Teachers Talk about Teaching: Studying Teaching across                   Hilton Concourse

       Cultural Contexts

          Chair: Lynn Paine (Michigan State University)

             Discussants: Catherine Lewis (Mills College) and Joseph Tobin (University of Hawaii)

          Reflecting on Lesson Study in Two Contexts

             Clea Fernandez (Columbia University)

          Learning to Teach with Mandated Curriculum and Public Examination of Teaching as Contexts

             Jian Wang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

          Outsider/insider Talk about Teaching:  Supporting Teacher Learning in Communities of Practice

             Lynn Paine (Michigan State University)

    Thur.4.3                                                                                                                          Independence

       Educational Borrowing: Encounters Between the Global and the Local                      Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Cathryn Magno (Columbia University)

          Discussants: Rolland G. Paulston (University of Pittsburgh), Gita Steiner-Khamsi (Columbia University), 

               and David Phillips (Oxford University)

          Borrowing OBE: Agency and Resistance to Educational Transfer in South Africa

             Carol Anne Spreen (Columbia University)

          Imposed History and Transfer- Educational Policy in Kazakhstan

             Carolyn Kissane (Columbia University)

          Transferring Civil Society? Post-war PTAs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

             Dana Burde (Columbia University)

          Towards Europeanization? De-territorializing International References in Education Reform for

          Minorities in Post-Soviet Latvia

             Iveta Silova (Columbia)

    Thur.4.4                                                                                                                                     Edison

       Post-basic Education Critical Issues and Forces Affecting Policy Decisions                 Hilton Terrace

          Chair: William Darnell (Academy for Educational Development)

          Impact of New Technologies on Post-basic Education

             Benjamin Alvarez (Academy for Educational Development)

          Secondary Education in Latin America:  The Challenge of Growth and Reform

             Laurence Wolff (Inter-American Development Bank)

          Knowledge and Skills for the Modern Economy:  Implications for the Structure of Post-basic Education

             Tobias Linden (World Bank, Africa Region)

    Thur.4.5                                                                                                                            AED Vista C

       Educational Policy Alternatives in the Commonwealth Caribbean                                             AED

          Chair: James Urwick (College of the Bahamas)

          Challenging Educational Neglect: The Role of Independent Volunteer Teaching in Developing  Countries

             Anne Hickling-Hudson (University of Queensland)

          Social Selection and Meritocratic Secondary School Policy in the Commonwealth Caribbean, With

          Special Reference to Barbados

             Anthony A. Layne (University of West Indies)

          Implementing Student Centered Teaching On a School Wide Basis

             Hyacinth Louise Evans (University of the West Indies)

          Pluralism Versus Integration in the Provision of Schools: Alternative Policies From Three States of

          The Commonwealth Caribbean

             James Urwick (College of the Bahamas)

    Thur.4.6                                                                                                                                    Dupont

       Potentials of Japanese Educational Aid: Can It Make Original Contributions?          Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Kazuo Kuroda (Hiroshima University)

          How Far Can We Teach Something About Moral and Ethical Education?

             Akira Ninomiya (Hiroshima University)

          Role of Japanese University in Educational Assistance

             Kazuo Kuroda (Hiroshima University)

          Could Japan Be a Good Math and Science Teacher for Africa?

             Masafumi Nagao (Hiroshima University)

          What Is the Role of Japan in International Development Cooperation?

             Nobuhide Sawamura (Hiroshima University)

    Thur.4.7                                                                                                                            AED Vista B

       Alternatives for Adult Education: Models in the New Millennium                                              AED

          Chair: Katherine Brown (Loyola University)

          Adult Education and the World Bank

             Derek Ohlms (Vanderbilt University)

          The Elusiveness and True Empowerment through Adult Education: A Study of the Ideals and the

          Realities of Three Folk High Schools in Finland

             Katherine Brown (Loyola University)

          Community College International Education Activities: Alternatives for Adult Education

             Rosalind Latiner Raby (California State University, Northridge)

    Thur.4.8                                                                                                                                   Jackson

       Teacher Education in Namibia: Five Perspectives                                                        Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Sarah Smith (Harvard University)

          Continuous Assessment as a Component of Educational Reform in Namibia

             Joy Du Plessis (American Institute for Research)

          The Role of Action Research in Building Local Capacity for Educational Reform in Namibia

             Ken Zeichner (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

          Agents Act but Structures Structure: Classroom Studies in Independent Namibia Six Years After

          Learner-Centred Reforms Were Initiated

             Per Geckler (University of Copenhagen)

          In-Service Teacher Education in Namibia:  Pedagogy for Lower Primary Teachers

             Sarah Smith (Harvard University)

             Pre-Service Teacher Education in Namibia: The BETD after Eight Years

             Julie Luecke (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

    Thur.4.9                                                                                                                                   Military

       Improving Educational Quality: Implementing an Approach Within                     Hilton Concourse

       Educational Priorities

          Chair: Jane Schubert (American Institutes for Research)

          IEQ Integrated Curriculum and Hurricane Mitch in Honduras

             Carmen Siri (IEQ Chief of Party, Honduras)

          IEQ/Malawi, QUEST and Examining the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Language and Mathematics

             Docks Jere (Malawi Institute for Education), Lester Namathaka (Save the Children Malawi)

          The Effect of Language (Teacher and Pupil) on Pupil Performance in Mathematics in Malawi Primary Schools

             Elias Kaphesi (Malawi Institute of Education)

          IEQ, Mayan Educator and Capacity Building in Guatemala

             Fernando Rubio (IEQ Guatemala Project Director)

    Thur.4.10                                                                                                                          AED Vista A

       Opening Up Comparative Education: Teaching, Discourse, Theory                                            AED

          Chair: Peter Ninnes (University of New England Australia)

          Tilting the Comparative Turn: On Difference and Possibility in Comparative Education

             Greta Shultz (University of Massachusetts)

          Opening Comparative Education Research: Poststructuralist Possibilities

             Peter Ninnes (University of New England Australia)

          Teaching Comparative Education: Positioning Possibilities

             Sonia Mehta (University at Buffalo)

    Thur.4.11                                                                                                                                     Grant

       Public and Private Education: Mechanisms for Equity                                                Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Ayesha Vawda (The World Bank)

          Discussant: Mark Bray (University of Hong Kong)

          Who Benefits from Public Education Subsidies?

             Ayesha Vawda (The World Bank)

          Mechanisms for Enhanced Equity: Demand Side Financing

             Harry Patrinos (Education Sector, World Bank)

          Public -Private Partnerships in the Education Sector

             Michael Latham (CfBt Education Services)

          A Redefined Role for the Government

             Norman LaRocque (Arthur Anderson), Veronica Jacobsen (Arthur Andersen)

    Thur.4.12                                                                                                                                 Farragut

       Cultural Influences on Definitions of Education and Learning                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Kathleen Stone (LaGrange School District 105)

          The Different Learning Processes of Chinese and American University Students

             Baoyan Cheng (University of Maryland)

          Transformation of the Four Little Dragons: An Alternative Education Policy

             Chung Mei Lee (Harvard GSE)

          Multidimensional Citizenship, Confucian Humanism and the Imagined Community: Transforming

          the Educational Agenda in South Korea and the PRC

             Gay Garland Reed (University of Hawaii-Honolulu)

          A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Perceived Traits of Gifted Behavior

             Kathleen Stone (LaGrange School District 105)

    Thur.4.13                                                                                                                    Georgetown East

       Globalization and Education                                                                                  Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Lea Plut-Pregelj (University of Maryland)

          Discussant: Simona Maria Popa (University of Pittsburgh)

          Think Global, Act Local-Higher Education Resistance/Reactions to Globalization in Europe

             Barbara Sporn (Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien), Jussi Valimaa (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)

          Heidelberg-The Dynamics of German Academic Traditions Within the New Global Context

             Casandra Culcer (Bowling Green State University)

          Transformation of Educational Systems in Post-Communist Societies in the 1990s: the Case of  Slovenia

             Lea Plut-Pregelj (University of Maryland)

          The Czech Republic, Autonomy and Integration in the European Union

             Michael Abelson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

    Thur.4.14                                                                                                                          Chevy Chase

       Women’s Rights and Health Issues                                                                             Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Frances Vavrus (Teachers College, Columbia University)

          Running Away from Temptation: Schooling as Salvation in an Era of AIDS

             Frances Vavrus (Teachers College, Columbia University)

          An Evaluation of a Sexual Health Education Program for Women in Peru

             Jennifer Vega (University of Southern California)

          Globalization of Women's Rights and the Impact on Women's Health Education at the WHO

             Keiko Inoue (Stanford University)

          The World Bank Response to Women and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

             William Schreiner (University of Southern California)

    Thur.4.15                                                                                                                                   Caucus

       Limitations and Possibilities of Dialogue Among Researchers,                                    Hilton Terrace

       Policymakers, and Practitioners (Part 2)

          Chair: Mark Ginsburg (University of Pittsburgh)

          Policy-making, Critical Analysis or Both: What Role for Educational Research?

             Holger Daun (Stockholm University)

          A Dialogue Between “Academic” and “Community” Participatory Researchers:

          Does the Practice Support the Theory?

             Kevin Gormley (University of Minnesota)

          Enhancing Dialogue Among Researchers, Policymakers, and Community Members in Uganda:

          Complexities, Possibilities, and Persistent Questions

             Nancy Clair (Educational Development Center), Lawrence Kanyike (Educational Development Center), John Carasco

          Implementing a Gender Sensitive Teacher Inservice: A Woman Trainer and a Researcher Explore

          Policy and Practice

             Sandra Stacki (Hofstra University)


  Thursday, 12.00n-1.15p

    Thur.5.1                                Semi-Plenary                                                              Georgetown West

       BICSE Town Hall Meeting: Exploring Long-Term Research Agendas for              Hilton Concourse

       Comparative and International Education

          Chair: Colette Chabbott (National Academy of Sciences)

             Clea Fernandez (Columbia University)

             Joseph Tobin (University of Hawaii)

             Lynn Paine (Michigan State University)

             Marlaine Lockheed (World Bank)

Thursday, 1.30p-3.00p

    Thur.6.1                                                                                                                                     Edison

       The Role of Save the Children's Community Schools in Expanding EFA:                   Hilton Terrace

       Challenges in Partnerships, Assessment, and Scaling Up

          Chair: Lynn Murphy (Stanford University/Save the Children)

          Quality Education in Community Schools: Malawi

             Amy Jo Dowd (Harvard University/Save the Children)

          Community Schools in EFA

             Fred Wood (Save the Children)

          Implementing Community Schools in Malawi

             Lester Namathaka (Save the Children Malawi)

          Keeping the Community Central in Community Schools

             Lynn Murphy (Stanford University/Save the Children)

    Thur.6.2                                                                                                                    Georgetown West

       Converging Pathways:  Strategies for Addressing Educational Equity in                Hilton Concourse


          Chair: Bonnie Mullinix (Monmouth University)

          Alternative Pathways:  Reaching Out With Education to Adults for Development

             Bonnie Mullinix (Monmouth University)

          Primary Pathways:  Getting Training, Teachers and Instructional Materials Into Primary Schools

             David McCurry (Monmouth University)

          Community Pathways:  Involving and Empowering Parents and Communities Through School Board Training

             Gill Garb (World Education)

          Surveying the Landscape:  The Historical and Structural Context of Educational Reform in Namibia

             Michael Tjivikua (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

    Thur.6.3                                                                                                                                  Farragut

       Political, Economic, and Cultural Aspects of Textbook Policy                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Christine Parker (Ohio State University)

          The Multicultural Representation of Textbook Illustrations and Photographs: A Study of Elementary

           and Middle School Foreign Language Textbooks in Greece and Italy

             Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei (Loyola University of Chicago)

          History Textbook Reform in Post-Socialist Poland: Politics, Pitfalls and Progress

             Christine Parker (Ohio State University)

          Textbooks and a National Curriculum: The Postwar Japanese Experience

             Edward Beauchamp (University of Hawaii)

    Thur.6.4                                                                                                                                   Jackson

       Educational Change in Russia: Lessons for Comparative Studies of                           Hilton Terrace

       Educational Transitions

          Chair: Elena Lisovskaya (Western Michigan University)

          Civic Education in a Time of Social Change: Reflections on the Russian Experience

             Janet Vaillant (Western Michigan University)

          Demographic Change and the Fate of Russia's Schools: The Impact of Population Shifts on

          Educational Practice and Policy

             Stephen Kerr (University of Washington)

          Reforms and Mutations in Russian Schooling: Lessons for the Theories of Educational Transitions

             Vyacheslav Karpov (Western Michigan State University), Elena Lisovskaya (Western Michigan University),

             Janet Vaillant (Western Michigan University)

             Russian Teachers: Continuity and Change in the Profession

             Ben Eklof (Indiana University)


    Thur.6.5                                                                                                                                         Map

       Studying Knowledge within the Framework of PRESTIGE: A European                     Hilton Terrace

       Comparative Education Research and Training Network

          Chair: Mina O'Dowd (Karolinska Institutet)

          The objective of education for all, the impact of international assistance, and the role of the NICT

             Francois Orivel (University of Bourgogne)

          Knowledge Acquisition: A PRESTIGE Student's Perspective

             Hubert Ertl (Oxford University)

          Knowledge Management within Companies: Some Examples from European Community Countries

             Ingemar Fagerlind (Stockholm University)

          Towards a World-Level Educational Ideology? Transnational Dissemination and Self Evaluation

          Potentials of Educational Knowledge

             Juergen Schriewer (Humbolt University Berlin)

          Knowledge Construction and "Knowledge" Communities

             Mina O'Dowd (Karolinska Institutet)

    Thur.6.6                                                                                                                            Chevy Chase

       Foreign Aid for Education                                                                                           Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Unni Kjus Aahlin (University of Oslo)

          The Changing Nature of Bilateral Aid and Its Implications on Primary Education in Sub-Saharan

          Africa at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century-A Case of Ghana

             Obed Mfum-Mensah (OISE/University of Toronto)

          Subgovernmental Policymaking Processes in Japanese Education Aid in the 1970s and 1980s

             Takao Kamibeppu (University of Maryland)

          The Influence of External Support On Palestinian Education

             Unni Kjus Aahlin (University of Oslo)

          The Evolution of Educational Decentralization in Haiti: Two Potentially Competing Models

             William Rideout (University of Southern California)

    Thur.6.7                                                                                                                                   Military

       Bilingual Multicultural Education for Indigenous and Displaced                           Hilton Concourse

       Populations: Native Americans, Guatemalan Mayans and Recent U.S. Immigrants

          Chair: Joshua Muskin (World Learning)

          Discussant: Naoko Kamioka (World Learning)

          U.S. Native American Multicultural Education

             Charles Geboe (U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs)

          World Learning/USAID Access to Bilingual Intercultural Education Project: Guatemala

             Joshua Muskin (World Learning)

          Multicultural Bilingual Education from the Vantage of National U.S. Policy and Programs

             Secorro Lara (U. S. Department of Education)

          ChildScope: a Program for Language Training and Multicultural Education

             Seema Agarwal-Harding (ChildScope International, Inc)

    Thur.6.8                                                                                                                     Georgetown East

       Educational Access Across the Digital Divide                                                         Hilton Concourse

          Chair: Nicole Norfles (George Washington University)

          A Content Analysis of Homework Help for Math and Reading on the Internet:

          A Comparison of the U.S. and South Korea

             Hye Pae (Georgia State University)

          Digital Divide and Its  Meaning for Educators

             Li Feng (Florida State University)

          How Wide the Divide: Understanding Globalization and Technological Interactions That Limit Education

          and Knowledge for All

             Nicole Norfles (George Washington University), Jeanita Richardson (Hofstra University)

          Innovative Solutions for Global Inclusion:  The Use of Mobile Resource Centers to Bring

          Information to Disparate Populations

             Sarah Lucas (Columbia University)

          Harnessing the Potential of Information technologies in Education: A Framework, and the Cases of

          Mali and Ghana

             Zoey Breslar (self-employed)

    Thur.6.9                                                                                                                                    Dupont

       Lobbying for International Education: Current  Issues and the Challenges                 Hilton Terrace


          Chair: Michael McCarry  (Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange)

          Current Issues in International Education Policy

             Carl Herrin (American Council for International Education)

          The Challenges Ahead: Implementing an International Education Policy

             Jill Griffith (NAFSA)

    Thur.6.10                                                                                                                                     Grant

       Grappling With Globalization? Education in a Changing World                                 Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Suzanne Majhanovich (The University of Western Ontario)

          Discussant: Rezan Benatar (The University of Western Ontario)

          Conflicting Visions, Competing Expectations: Control and Skilling of Education in Canada

             Allan Pitman (The University of Western Ontario)

          Globalization, Educational Reform, and Issues of Social Justice and Equity in Ontario Schools

             Goli Rezai-Rashti (The University of Western Ontario)

          Migrants, Itinerants, Transients: Women Teachers in the Arctic

             Helen Harper (The University of Western Ontario)

          Conflicting Visions, Competing Expectations, Control and Deskilling of Education: A Perspective

          from Ontario, Canada

             Suzanne Majhanovich (The University of Western Ontario)

    Thur.6.11                                                                                                                                   Caucus

       Debates About Education and Development: Two Examples, the Use of IT                 Hilton Terrace

       and the Attention to Girls' Education

          Chair: Steven Klees (University of Maryland)

             Carolyn Winter (World Bank, Human Development Network)

             Marlaine Lockheed (World Bank)

             Nelly Stromquist (University of Southern California)

    Thur.6.12                                                                                                                         Independence

       Recent Evidence on the Effects of Privatization Initiatives in Education in                 Hilton Terrace

       Developing Countries

          Chair: Mun Tsang (Columbia University)

          Differences in Schooling Outcomes between Public and Private Schools in Latin America

             Douglas Williams, Marie-Andree Somers

          Decentralization and Privatization of Education in El Salvador: Assessing the Experience

             Helga Marchelli (Columbia University)

          School Choice and Privatization of Basic Education in Urban China

             Mun Tsang (Columbia University)

          The Relative Effectiveness of Private and Public Schooling in Argentina and Chile

             Patrick McEwen (University of Illinois)

    Thur.6.13                                                                                                                          AED Vista A

       Education, Expansion, and Exclusion: Special Focus on Higher Education                                AED

          Chair: Raf Vanderstraeten (Utrecht University)

          Ethnic Minority Women in Higher Education in Northwest China

             Brenda Haiplik (OISE/University of Toronto)

          Social Antecedents and Consequences of Educational Expansion

             Raf Vanderstraeten (Utrecht University)

          Are China's Higher Education Reforms Marginalizing the Minority Nationalities?

             Rebecca Clothey (University of Pittsburgh)

    Thur.6.14                                                                                                                               Hamilton

       Moral Education: Local Issues in a Global World                                                       Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Akira Ninomiya (Hiroshima University)

          National Identity in the Midst of Globalization: A Comparative Study of National Identity in Moral

          Education Textbooks in Japan and the Philippines

             Akira Ninomiya (Hiroshima University), Sherlyne Almonte (Hiroshima University)

          Values Education in Senegal: A Historical Analysis of Léopold Sédar Senghor’s Experience and Influence

             Erik Ness (Loyola University of Chicago)

          The Emergence of Regulated Individualism: A Case Study of an Education Journal in China

             KW Cheung (University of Hong Kong)

          The Issue of Character Education in the US

             Ling Wang (Pennsylvania State University)

    Thur.6.15                                Semi-Plenary                                                         AED Academy Hall

       Global Movements and Essential Documents in Comparative and                                             AED

       International Education

          Chair: Sheldon Shaeffer (UNICEF, Education)

          Discussants: Sue Grant-Lewis (Harvard University), Kaiming Cheng (University of Hong Kong),

          Education for All: Jomtien, Dakar, and Beyond

             Andres Guerrero,  (UNICEF)

          The New Global Agenda for Children and the United Nation's Special Session on Children

             Marjorie Newman-Williams (UNICEF)

             The New Global Agenda for Children and the United Nation's Special Session on Children

                Joan French,  (UNICEF)

          The Convention on the Rights of the Child

             Marta Santos Pais (UNICEF)

    Thur.6.16                                                                                                                          AED Vista B

       Religion and Education: Islamic Traditions in Morocco, Iran and the                                        AED

       United States

          Chair: Mazen Istanbouli (Loyola University Chicago)

          Combining the Old and the New: The Role of the Quranic Kuttab in Morocco's Emerging Early

          Childhood Education Sector

             Helen Boyle (Education Development Center, Inc.)

          Muslim Parents: Choices and Issues in the Education of their Children

             Mazen Istanbouli (Loyola University Chicago)

          Religious Hegemony over Education in Post-revolutionary Iran

             Reza Arjmand (Stockholm University)

    Thur.6.17                                                                                                                          AED Vista C

       Development of Comparative Education to Post Modernism                                                     AED

          Chair: Aziz Talbani (University of Memphis)

          How did Stella Lose Her Groove in the First Place? Manufacturing Policy and Status Quo in

          Comparative Education

             Aziz Talbani (University of Memphis)

          Understanding Ancestors: Foundations of Comparative Thought

             Katherine Carroll (Loyola University, Chicago), Erwin H Epstein (Loyola University of Chicago)

          The early comparative education literature:  how relevant to today?

             Katherine Taylor-Haynes (Vanderbilt University)

          Knowledge Transformations in Civil Society: The Politics and Promise of Knowledge Mediation

             Preeti Shroff-Mehta (State University of NY at Buffalo)

  Thursday, 3.30p-5.00p

    Thur.8.1                                                                                                                          Independence

       Pursuing Quality Schooling Through Synergistic Actions in a Resource-Lean             Hilton Terrace

       Environment: The Combination of Child-Centered Classroom Practice, Standards-Based

       System Management, Decentralized Pedagogical Support Mechanisms, and Evaluation in Guinea

          Chair: Helen Boyle (Education Development Center, Inc.)

          Innovations in Pedagogical Strengthening and Management At the School Level

             Alpha Mamoudou Diallo (Ministere De L' Enseignement)

          Monitoring and Evaluation: A Tool for Teacher Development

             Ibrahima Ninguelande Diallo (Ministere De l'Enseignement)

          Strengthening Resource Management On the Basis of Fundamental Quality Standards

             Jennifer Spratt (Research Triangle Institute)

          Changing Process and Practice: A Multichannel Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning

             Mark Lynd (Education Development Center Inc.)

    Thur.8.2                                                                                                                                       Grant

       Ramifications of Cost Sharing in Higher Education                                                    Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Bruce Johnstone (SUNY Buffalo)

          Discussant: Bruce Johnstone (SUNY Buffalo)

          The Efficacy of Student Debt Forgiveness as a Form of Targeted Student Financial Assistance

             Gheorghita Faiter (SUNY Buffalo)

          Cost Sharing and Student Employment

             Handan Maziouglu (SUNY Buffalo)

          Cost Sharing and Equity: An Inquiry and Critique of the Classical Neo-Liberal Link

             Melissa Castillo (SUNY Buffalo)

          Cost Sharing for Some: The Experience with "Dual Track" Tuition

             Tanya Koriakina (SUNY Buffalo)

    Thur.8.3                                                                                                                                     Edison

       A Comparison of Perceptions in Japan and the United States of the Value                 Hilton Terrace

       of Education and Training Subjects

          Chair: Michael Evers (International Institute for Study of Ergonagy)

          Global Culturalism

             Aida Joshi (University of San Francisco)

          The Significance of Japanese Education to Workers’ Needs

             Kazutoshi Tanaka (Polytechnic University Japan)

          Education and Work in Japan and the U.S.

             Michael Evers (International Institute for Study of Ergonagy)

          Effective Education, Technology, and the Workplace

             Morris Hoover (North Carolina State University)

          The Contested Meanings of Education in Japan

             Tsutomu Murase (Polytechnic University , Japan)

    Thur.8.4                                                                                                                                   Jackson

       The Mongolization of Imported Educational Reform                                                  Hilton Terrace

          Chair: Gita Steiner-Khamsi (Columbia University)

          School 2001: School Based Reform in Mongolian Secondary Schools

             Baasanjav Undrahbuyan (Ohio University), Sarah Lucas (Columbia University)

          Rural School Development

             Badrakh Jadamba (State Pedagogical University of Mongolia)

          School 2001: School Based Reform in Mongolian Secondary Schools

             Perenlei Erdenejargal (Mongolian Foundation for Open Society/Soros Fndt.)

          School 2001

             Tanya Prime