Dear Fest Lovers,

Saudades—“yearning” and “missing deeply” in Portuguese. When I chose the title “Saudades” for this year’s Fest over a year ago, commemorating Brazil and all things Brazilian, I had no idea how truly appropriate that title would be. I am deeply saddened to announce that the 13th Chenango Summer MusicFest will be the last. As we explore the musical riches of this fascinating region, we will also be remembering. . . remembering thirteen years of summer musical treasures from around the world presented right here in Hamilton. In these 13 seasons, over 420 events have been offered, from Bach to Bamba. More than 200 classical, popular and world music artists from near and far have graced our town and taken away many rich and textured memories of the concerts, the fun, the intimacy of summer music, and unique qualities of our college and community. Thirty-five young interns have gained professional experience as performers and arts managers. New friendships were formed, visitors planned annual meetings with far away friends at the Fest, children grew up performing on the Green, and our charming village was transformed through the magic of song, dance, art shows, educational activities and “summer sweets.”

So, as we raise the Chenango banners one last time, and don our purple shirts for the final Chenango season in June, we will celebrate summer in great style with samba, bossa-nova, capoeira, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Villa-Lobos and much, much more.

As a gift of thanks to all of you who have been ardent supporters and enthusiastic concert-goers for Chenango Summer Musicfest, we are offering everything free of charge! I hope that you can join us from wherever you are to share in the spirit—the spirit of Brazil, community, nostalgia, and celebration of summer. I hope to see you with us one last, fabulous time!

Laura Klugherz, Festival Director

Dear Friends of the Musicfest,

Since 1997 it has been the privilege and pleasure of Colgate University and the Village of Hamilton to host and support the Chenango Summer MusicFest. Faculty, students, residents of the area and visitors from near and far have enjoyed musical fare from all parts of the globe, from DixieLand, to Voodoo drumming, to Gypsy rondo, to polka, always with the constants of great chamber music, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Schumann, Mozart....

Artists from around the area and the world have joined us, too, and the Chenango Players, new students coming each year to practice, perfect and present their skills in chamber music, while assisting in putting on the Fest, have been a delight every year.

While it has been Colgate’s great pleasure to be the primary source of funding for this event since its inception, the current fiscal challenges have required reallocation of this support to other activities key to sustaining our educational mission.

We hope you will join us for the 13th and last presentation of the Chenango Summer MusicFest as we once again gather to enjoy fun, the beauties and pleasures of summer in Central New York and most of all, MUSIC and also to honor those whose tireless efforts have brought us this wonderful event for so many years.

Lyle Roelofs, Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Colgate Unversity


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