Seventh Annual
Seventh Annual
June 19-22, 2003
Serenades of Summer

Once again, in our sparkling Chenango Valley, musicians and artists from many cultures and places will gather in our village to share with you through their artistry an unforgettable opening to Summer 2003. "Encounters" is our theme for our seventh Chenango--encounters of chance meetings, of new faces and friends, of new Hamilton buildings; encounters of cultures around the world; and encounters with familiar and perhaps not so familiar musical works of great beauty.

We will explore the links between chamber music of another place and time on opening night in "Close Encounters," and in "Encounters with Royalty" we will meet some unexpected royal talent in a delightful new concert location. On Saturday, the Village Green and surrounding historic buildings will be the scene for an entire day of musical fun and activities of a popular vein, celebrating the Hamilton crossroads of arts in the Americas. Our Sunday concert (at a new time and place!) will close the 'Fest with an encounter "North of the Danube." We will continue our conversations with you during the classical concerts (a big success last year), and our post-concert activities (wine tasting, dinner, dance lessons, receptions) will give us a chance to meet newcomers, and to greet our loyal public.

As you think of spring and summer, think of us! The swans Adam and Eve on Taylor Lake, the verdant Chenango Valley, and our beautiful campus and charming historic village will be waiting for you . . . .see you at the 'Fest!

Laura Klugherz
Festival director


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