Once upon a time . . .
in Paris (1981), a man named Maurice Fleuret, Director of Music and Dance in the French Ministry of Culture discovered that one French child in two played a musical instrument. He dreamed of ways to bring music into the streets . . and he also dreamed of summer, as we do every spring. And, his dream came true the following year on June 21, Summer Solstice. The dream became contagious, and all sorts of music -- amateur, professional, popular, world, classical and jazz, were added to the mix. Then in 1985, Europe celebrated the “European Year of Music”, and like a stunning early summer garden, the tradition spread through Europe . . .by 1997 over 100 countries on five continents heralded summer with a community or city-wide music event . . .there is even a postage stamp in Europe dedicated to the event. Fête de la Musique is now heralded as World Music Day. Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Manila, Rio . . . and now Hamilton!

Laura Klugherz, Alberto Almarza, Kathleen Bride, Craig Cramer, Carmelo Galante, Steven Heyman and Amy Giller Heyman, Penelope Knuth, Jonathan Rhodes Lee, Florent Renard-Payen, Linda Rosenthal

In the spirit of community, celebration and the many joys that music brings, let this be your time to join us in Hamilton for Fête de la Musique. . . a long-standing French music festival tradition celebrating the summer solstice. In our 12th season I invite you into our captivating and natural settings with French connections. In historic churches our world-famous classical artists on harp, organ, piano, harpsichord, clarinet, flute and strings will charm you with their renditions of your most favorite French music, as well as the music of Spain, Brazil, Guadeloupe, and the USA. Then, on Saturday — our World Music Day — experience our charming Hamilton Village while listening to French madrigals, learning voo-doo drums, and reveling over a picnic on the Green to the sounds of ragtime, and the renowned Haitian konpa group, Do-La. And there is much, much more for you and your family!

As always, craft your unique vacation with an international chamber music festival, hiking, biking, wellness activities, and all the natural beauty that our beloved region has to offer. I look forward to welcoming our loyal audiences and newcomers alike among the verdant hills and summer blooms by saying bienvenue to summer in an unforgettable musical adventure.

Laura Klugherz,
Festival Director

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